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Dr. Angela has been treating children with special needs since 2012.  She learned about the autism biomedical approach treatments to autism from the Autism Research Institute under the Defeat Autism NOW! (DAN!) protocol.  In 2019, the DAN! protocol switched to Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs (MedMaps).  She practiced under the business name Developmental Crossroads for over 8 years but changed her business name to Second Brain Immunity to focus her practice on treating the core issues to many children, the brain and body connection, primarily the gut.  We focus on the core cause of many symptoms children are experiencing and use all natural products and not the use pharmaceuticals.  Her focus is children 6 years of age and under but can treat children up to 16 years old. 

My Thoughts

I have been working with children with special needs close to 20 years.  When I started this business, insurance wouldn't pay for a diagnosis, so parents paid over $5000 to get one from a developmental pediatrician.  Doctors didn't know anything about autism but assumed it was "refrigerator mom" syndrome (what a joke).  No one was knowledgeable about autism and there were no treatments.  Even then ABA was over $100,000 a year and parents has to pay out of pocket.  Pediatricians thought giving a child a probiotic was risky and unnecessary.  It was interesting times.  Autism was 1 in every 368 kids, primarily boys.  Things have changed in 20 years, but now the diagnosis is 1 in every 32 kids will get autism.  So many more children are now developmentally delayed, have behavioral challenges or academically behind more than ever before.  What is happening?

Why are many children regessing in overall health?  It could possibly be due to our air, water and food that are not the way our ancestors use.  In some ways better, but in many ways much worse.  The advancements in technology and medicine are wonderful things, but for our environment, these advancements are hurting our health.  Our water supply has chemicals, pharmaceuticals and many other toxins in it that even the EPA advises people who are immune compromised to be cautious.  Our food supply is so heavily processed, our fruits and vegetables are genetically engineered, and meat we eat doesn't come from healthy animals.  To make things worse, now the new technology of nanoparticles are entering into the environment and these toxic chemicals are so small, they can't be detected by many microscopes!  We as humans suffer from these unhealthy environments, but especially our children.  Because of such changes to our environment, our entire bodies had to change with it.  What changed the most?  Our microbiome.... our gut Microbia!

Our microbiome, the bacteria and fungi that live in our gut make up over 100 TRILLION cells in our body!  They live everywhere, in our gut, nose, ears, skin mouth, pretty much everywhere!  You may want to reach for the hand sanitizer right now but wait!  We need them!  Research now shows that these microbes can control our immune system, how nutrients are absorbed, our emotions and mood, our weight and our overall health.  We are learning more about these little "buggers" the good and the bad so we can learn to grow the healthy ones and combat the ones that try to hyjack our body.   To learn more about the importance of a balanced microbiome click here



Maybe all this is overwhelming?  No worries, I offer 30 minute consultation at no charge so all your questions are answered.

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