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We tailor our services to your child's needs

Why Our Services are Unique.
We provide specialized, one-on-one consulting at Second Brain Immunity.  You will always have direct communication with Dr. Angela Karvounis so you will never feel lost or confused while on our program.  We try to do the best we can to see our prices are affortable.


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Initial History Intake

This is when we gather your child's history which includes what your main concerns are, when they started and a detailed understanding of where your child is at today.  You'll fill out a few forms (you know the drill) so we can get as much information as we can to create a specialized treatment protocol.  This will include ordering specialized labs, supplements and possibly changing the diet and the home environment (skin/hair products, humidifiers in home for example) if needed.  We offer a unique patient portal app that will allow us to communicate all changes to the protocol, download paperwork, labs, changes in supplements and daily notes/sessions, all this on your phone!

Note: Monthly Service Plan begins when testing is completed or modifications in diet or supplements need to be added before testing.  Lab costs not included in this price.  We use many labs that take most insurance plans.


$300 a month

Monthly Service Plan

The monthly plan is for all parents starting out and wanting to jump in full speed!  Once we gather all information about your child, it's time to start the protocols!  Becasue there are so many reactions from many supplements, we dont't give you many and send you on your way for a few weeks for you to figure it out.  We add one supplement at a time and target the root cause of your child's symtoms.  Each week we add, increase or possibly remove supplements based on our observations (texts, calls, visits).  Every supplement should have an observable change in your child's behavior. So, the key to this plan is daily/weekly monitoringWhich is why this plan includes:

**35% off most supplements,

**Unlimited texting/chat (if I'm up in the evening, I will answer your text) so you get your answers fast,

*Weekly phone consultation (more if needed).

and office visits (depending on your location).  This is essential for the fastest and safest results on the plan.  The goal is you learn so much, you don't need me anymore!

Note:  This is not a membership, you can stop services at any time.


Individual Consultation

This plan is great for parents that need less guidance and need some direction for specific protocols or targets symtoms that can be handled on a monthly or as needed basis. 

*Phone consultation and/or office visit.  Doesn't include 35% off supplements on Fullscript and doesn't include unlimited texting for this plan.


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