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Follow your gut...that is, your Microbiome.

At Second Brain Immunity, we provide unique treatments and testing to target immune, gut balance (microbiome), behavioral and cognitive health for children with autism, developmental, behavioral, cognitive and academic delay. Our all natural, no medication protocols target the root cause of illness, reducing symptoms and improving overall health. Book a free consultation today!  Read some articles below or go to our BLOG to understand the importance of the the gut/brain connection, also know as, THE SECOND BRAIN.  


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Did you know?

  • 70% of our immune system resides in our gatstrointestinal tract.

  • We have 9 times more bacteria DNA than human DNA.  Technically, that means we're 10% human!

  • Bacteria/Fungi controls our mood, immune system, nutrient absorption and overall health.

  • Our gut and brain connect via the vagus nerve, but with stress, this nerve is muted.

  • We have more toxic chemicals in our environment right  than ever in human history.

  • In the past 20 years, the diagnosis of autism grew from 1 in every 380 kids to 1 in every 32.

  • More kids are on pharmaceutical drugs to alter brain chemistry than ever before.

  • We need to protect the most vulnerable...our children!


Learn more about our specialty labs designed for children with special needs.

30 Minute Consultation

In a world where everything is automated and one-on-one communication is getting scarce, we offer a 30-minute free consultation with Dr. Angela Karvounis so you know our priority is giving you the best of care.  Our services are unique as we promise you will never feel alone on this journey as we provide easy access to the doctor and no "assistant" answering your questions. 

To learn more about Dr. Angela Karvounis 18 years of experience working with children with special needs please click here

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